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Earth’s Hidden Treasures Lavender Baby Wash


KCK Gourmet Chocolate Dukkah 80gm

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The Cheeky Project Perth Chocolate


The Cheeky Project Perth Chocolate – The Cheeky Project is a portal to making conscious choices that nourish your body and enhance your life. They don’t buy into strict diets or prescriptive regimens! In the Cheeky world, healthy means making mindful, informed decisions that work for you – whether that’s choosing a moisturiser that’s kind to your skin or eating wholesome food that makes you feel alive. Through an assortment of articles, recipes and product reviews, they empower you to take ownership of your body and wellness – no matter what stage of your health journey you’re at.
At Gift Me Box we offer three flavours of Cheeky Chocolate:
Fruit and Nut Bar 38g
Coconut Rough Bar 38g
Cacao Nib and Sea Salt 38g

*Please specify your flavour of choice when ordering.