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Nina Bailey Botanical Bath Soaks, Hibiscus 200ml


Solas Essential Nourishing Hand Cream, Calm 60ml

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Solas Essentials Baby Bath and Massage Oil 100ml


Baby Bath and Massage Oil is the perfect addition to Baby’s bedtime routine. Simply add a few drops to the bath and let you baby absorb the aroma to help her ease into relaxation mode. The oil will naturally moisturise her delicate skin at the same time so there is no need for extra moisturisers.

This can also be used as a massage oil any time of day or night. Only the purest essential oils are used and in quantities which are safe for babies. It is advised using nothing in the bath for baby’s skin for the first 2 months of their life. Just plain water and Solas Baby Balm. This is recommended to allow your babes natural skin oils to build up. Be conscious of what you put onto your little ones skin and in her bath. Less is more.

About Solas Essentials

Solas is a Gaelic word meaning ‘Light’.  The aim of Solas Essentials is to keep the lightness in our body and in our mind.

Solas Products provide mindful moments in your day where you can connect with your body, your mind and your senses. This in turn helps to reduce mind chatter, unnecessary worry and bring you into the present moment- NOW.

Every Solas product has its own unique specific purpose and intention. This comes through the properties of the essential oils and the intention while being made.

Essential Oils are extremely powerful and healing, they are a great tool to have in life for many ailments. It is important to have knowledge and awareness when using essential oils in their neat form. Every Solas product is blended to a safe and effective dilution for personal use, home use, for pregnancy and for your babies.

Solas Products are Australian made in Dunsborough ,WA.