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Vasse Virgin Facial Moisturiser with Lemon Myrtle & Avocado 120ml


Vasse Virgin Dukkah Pebberberry 100g

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Pound and Penny – Rose & Coconut Milk Bath Soak 220g


ROSE & COCONUT MILK INGREDIENTS – Epsom Salts, Pink Himalayan Sea Salt, Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Rose Petals, Blend of Orange Lavender Geranium Jasmine & Rose Essential Oils.

Bath Soak: Add 1/4 cup of salts to a warm bath (or add to steeping bag for easy clean-up) and relax for minimum 20 minutes. Be sure to hydrate well after, as these bath salts can have a detoxifying effect.

Some amazing benefits of Magnesium Sulfate (or commonly known as Epsom salts) are their detoxifying effects on the body, drawing out toxins, as well as their ability to sooth tired muscles.
As an added bonus, the glass corked bottles are also great to re-use for anything – a mini succulent terrarium has been my favourite idea so far!

About the Brand – Pound and Penny specialise in small batch, artisanal bath soaks, exfoliating scrubs and bath bombs. All products are handmade in Manjimup, Western Australia.

Pound and Penny’s belief is to use only 100% natural ingredients, no artificial colours, scents or preservatives! Pound and Penny prefer to locally source ingredients, especially organic when possible.